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A Purdy Good Story with Corbin Eaton

A Purdy Good Story tells the tale of a young filmmaker’s experience with the small Missouri town of Purdy and the antique mall that lives there. Using recordings from his time there, Corbin Eaton takes his audience on a journey of glass eyes, moondew, and murder.

Written and created by Corbin Eaton.

Music by Martin Brablec.

Produced by Civilian Films.

Mastered by Will Cecil.

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Meet The Cast


Corbin Eaton – Himself

Leo – Andrew Cochrane

Dutch – Jerry Schultz

Rita – Jackie Matthews

Norma B. – Kelly Lindsay

PB – Will Cecil

Ennis – Trevor Baty

Cheyenne – Veronica Wood

Walton Tucker – Marty Hasler

Sheriff – Mario Gutierrez

Angry Customer – Nick Corey

911 Operator – Kendall Mac

Written and directed by: Corbin Eaton

Music by: Martin Brablec

Mastered by: Will Cecil

Produced by: Civilian Films